Thursday, February 21, 2013

Eating Big in Boca: Brio Tuscan Grille

It was our first Valentine's Day in Boca Raton.  A Thursday night.  As newcomers, we didn't get too adventurous in our dining choice.  We wanted safe.  Brio recently announced their new Gluten Free Menu.


At least, that was the hope.

At the top of the Gluten free menu, it stated that people with allergies needed to notify the server.  My confidence wavered slightly.  It would seem that this menu was created for those who chose to go gluten free...not for those of us who had to. I said...first Valentine's Day in a new town.  Big changes here, people.  I looked forward with optimism!  Plus, the server was notified that I was not, in fact, on a fad diet...please don't poison me.

We ordered cocktails and bread was served.  No gluten free options, darn it.

I ordered the Pasta Pomodoro.  It really was lovely.  Pesto, tomato, pine nuts-- all glorious!

We took our time over dinner, savoring the flavors as well as the conversation.  Service was decent, not outstanding, but as well as expected.

Then it began...

a deep, thumping pain in my head.  The later it got, the worse it hurt until finally I couldn't even stand being with myself!

Valentine's good as ruined.

I got glutened. Mildly.

This is all speculation, of course, but the only answer I can come up with is, the pasta must have been boiled in the same water that regular pasta was cooked in.  Alas, I may never know.

Finally, after about 36 hours detoxing, I was back to standard issue Ami.

Would I go back?  Perhaps, but I will be more forceful when explaining my needs and fears of cross-contamination.  The food was good, service adequate.  However, there is a great big world of restaurants in Boca!  I think next time, I'll try something new.

XO, Ami

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