Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Celiac Braving the Boca Restaurant Scene: First Watch

I very rarely eat out.  This is actually quite sad because I am a self-proclaimed foodie and, as much as I enjoy cooking, I really love for somebody else to do it for me every once in awhile.

A recent discovery of mine, thanks to the Find me Gluten Free App, is a place called FirstWatch.  This is a chain that promises to take your food allergies seriously, so I decided to seriously give it a try.  It is a breakfast and lunch place only, so I'm still on a quest for a good dinner joint.  I'd love some recommendations in my comments…yes, I mean it!

The place has the feel of a refreshed diner.  More modern, cleaner, fresher.  Less Grease.

 They have a separate Gluten Free menu, but you can discuss all your individual needs with the server, who will *hopefully* convey your needs to the chef, who will then look after you.  My issues are not solely gluten, but soy and dairy as well.  They did some checking for me to make certain I'd be safe.

FirstWatch Chicken and Cherry Quinoa Power Bowl sans dressing

My Husband's Gluten-filled breakfast

Notes for the chef

Cobb salade sans dressing, bread and Blue cheese substituted with goat

Greek Fetish Omelet sans Bread

This menu can also be found at

Daughter's Hot Chocolate (Contains wheat starch)
She proclaimed it to be the best hot chocolate in the world

Everyone was happy with their food.  Was it spectacular?  Do I dream of it at night?  No, but it sure beats Denny's.  My hunger was satisfied and I didn't feel like a heart attack waiting to happen afterwards.  The only real complaint was over the coffee.  A breakfast place should have really good coffee, just saying!  It came out quickly, but tasted very fresh.  Fast, inexpensive…and you can let somebody else do the dishes!

XO, Ami
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